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It’s a cookie that’s so good and good for you at the same time.

Love it from Cookie to CRUMBS.

What makes CRUMBS a bite above the rest?

Decidedly scrumptious cookie goodness in every bite from cookie to crumb.

Introducing Culture Blends CRUMBS Cookies, your new everyday baked indulgence. Made from select hearty and healthy ingredients that guarantee joyful satisfaction with every bite from cookie ‘til the last crumb.

Available in Chocolate Cream Filling, Yogurt Cream Filling, Peanut Butter Choco Chips, and Oat Carob Cookies.

Take your pick and match it with your Culture Blends Coffee of choice for your much- deserved mid-day break or enjoy it on its own, anytime, anywhere.

Chocolate Cream Filling

You OAT to try this premium chocolate- filled cookie sensation. Perfectly baked oat cookies melded together by a lavish chocolate filling. Yum!

Yogurt Cream Filling

Tangy goodness of sweet and creamy Greek yogurt filling sandwiched by crunchy oat cookies.

Now, that’s delish!

Peanut Butter Choco Chips

Go beyond the basic chocolate chip cookies with a peanut butter infused variation. A match made in cookie heaven from cookie to crumb. It’s simply indulgent!

Oat Carob Cookies

Whoever said Vegans can’t have their cookie and eat it too? Vegan Cookie lovers need not go far (or bake) for their cookie cravings with this naturally sweet Carob and Oat cookie combo.  100% Vegan, 100% Cookilicious!

Go ahead and indulge!
There’s a Culture Blends CRUMBS Cookie for every cookie lover out there!