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Coffee in a Bag

In a world that’s changing every second. The only constant is your love for coffee.

Introducing a better and innovative way to get your coffee fix.

Now, you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee in the comfort of your own home without the hassle of using a French Press or coffee maker.

Introducing Culture Blends Coffee in a bag!

Each bag contains roasted coffee beans ground and packed for freshness. Just steep in hot water to release the sweet aroma and distinct taste of English coffee.

English Style Roast

2-In-1 Brewed Coffee In A Bag

Rich mix of instant brewed coffee and sugar!

Fall in love with London!

Intense black coffee minus the brewing is now just a drop & press away. Steep your way to a fresh quality black coffee, just the way English has it.

English Creamy

3-In-1 Brewed Coffee In A Bag

Unique blend of instant brewed coffee, cream, and sugar!

Fall in love with London!

Experience coffee in true English fashion, a delicious blend of coffee, cream, and sugar in a bag, gently steeped with an intense aroma.

Who says only tea should be steeped?

Quick and easy steps to prepare your instant brewed Culture Blends Coffee in a bag

Step 1: Get your favorite cup

Place one Culture Blend Coffee in a Bag inside

Step 2: Pour it on!

Pour boiling water. Take a moment to smell the sweet coffee aroma.

Step 3: Brew Time!

Steep for at least one minute then take a spoon and press the coffee bag against the cup to squeeze all the flavors.

Step 4: Drink up!

No mess. No Fuss. Just pure coffee enjoyment.

Step 5: Care for more?

Do you know that each Coffee in a Bag is good for more than one cup? Yup, we packed so much coffee in each one that it’s still good for another cup or two, just the way you like it!