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Eyeing for something exciting?
Looking for something extraordinary? 

Culture Blends is the newest coffee in town developed for the Filipino market.
It adds excitement to your daily cup as it provides a variety of coffee experiences inspired by the best coffee cultures in the world.

Curious about which Culture Blends variant suits your taste?

Have fun while going through the charts.


Rich white coffee with smooth, velvety cream.
Extra smooth, creamy and velvety taste! Taste the richness of every coffee in every sip of Culture Blends Italian Creamy.

Perfect for white coffee lover. Full of creaminess but still with smooth taste of coffee.

American Blend

Balanced and delicious blend of coffee, cream and sugar!
Enjoy this 3 in 1 American Blend, a balanced and delicious mix of coffee, cream and sugar inspired by the best American coffee shops, with true New York style.

For a 3-in-1 coffee lover, who loves a bold taste of coffee. Culture Blends American Blend is just the right choice.

Belgian Delight

Smooth coffee with the indulgent taste of chocolate!
Enjoy the indulgent taste of chocolate in this smooth Belgian Delight Choco Mocha coffee, with true European allure.

For sweets and chocolate lovers, here's Culture Blends Belgian delight that will surely give you a special twist and flavor of combined coffee & chocolate.

Also available in bag

How to get the perfect blend and taste of Culture Blends Coffee?

Don't judge coffee by its container. Take it in a cup, mug, glass, tumbler, chalice or even a goblet. Anything goes.
Step 1: Get a mug.
Don't be shy, go get your sachet!
Step 2: Pour the contents of 1 sachet into your cup.
We like it hot (but cold works too).
Step 3: Add 180 mL (The recommended water level should be about 3/4 of your cup size) of hot water. (Best taken at 80°C) 
Stir it. Stir it good.
Step 4: Stir well.
Pinky finger up or down? We don't judge.
Step 5: Enjoy your delicious cup of Culture Blends
Sleep, eat, drink coffee repeat.
Step 6: Tell your friends about Culture Blends and start the process again.
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