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Experience the Ultimate DIY Cup Revolution with the newest from Culture Blends – – – My Cup!

Introducing Culture Blends My Cup – Your Personalized Cup Experience.

Enjoy different toppings and flavors from Cappuccino, Chocolatte, Long Black and Matcha Latte.

These CUPs let you customize your favorite drink just the way you like it!

Cappuccino with Choco Toppings

Enjoy all the flavor and convenience of Cappuccino with choco toppings in a cup! This instant mix comes with everything you need: one sachet of powdered cappuccino mix, two sachets of sugar, one choco topping, and a stirrer to make sure everything is mixed perfectly.

All within minutes you can have a delicious Cappuccino with Choco toppings in a handy cup.

Long Black Extra Shot

Intense black and brewed coffee in a cup, minus the fancy coffee machine. A sachet of Arabica coffee-in-a-bag and a sachet of Indonesia coffee-in-a-bag are all you need. Just steep them together like teas and voila! Adjust the sweetness level to your liking, with a sachet or two of sugar and stir.

Culture Blends uses only the finest coffee beans, 100% premium Arabica and Indonesia to deliver a rich and satisfying coffee experience.

Matcha Latte with Marshmallow

Indulge in the delicious matcha in a cup! A variant that comes with a sachet of powdered matcha mix, 2 sachets of sugar and a stirrer. Create your own unique blend and keep the sweetness level to your taste. Complete the experience by topping it off with the luscious marshmallows – all included in this convenient cup.

Perfect for those who love the aromatic, earthy, and umami-filled flavors of matcha.

Chocolate with Marshmallow

Experience the goodness of smooth and creamy Chocolate! This cup contains a sachet of choco latte powder mix, sugar, and marshmallows toppings plus a stirrer. Conveniently mix everything together, adjust your preferred sugar level, and top it off with the fluffy marshmallows for a sweet finish.

Truly a satisfying cup of a special chocolate drink.

Quick and Easy Steps to Prepare Your Culture Blends My Cup

Step 1: Select your Perfect Cup

Pick your favorite Culture Blends My Cup Mix Flavor

Step 2: Hot and Ready to Go

Add about 220ml of hot water (80 -90C)

Step 3: Mix It up

Pour in the flavorful powder mix and stir.

Step 4: Sweeten to Perfection

Add sugar to your taste preference.

Step 5: Top it Off with Fun

Make it extra special by pouring the toppings.