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Christmas with Culture Blends Coffee

The Philippines has the world's longest yuletide season. September marks the beginning of the "Ber" months - September to December. This usually signals the start of city-wide celebrations, large family reunions, and packed to the roof concerts. But this year is a bit different. We may be seeing the light at the end of the […]

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It’s International Coffee Day! Let’s celebrate with a warm mug toast of Culture Blends coffee

Coffee is certainly one of the most widely enjoyed beverages in the world. If you’re an early riser, you most certainly need that hot cup of coffee to jumpstart your day. Busy professionals also gravitate to drinking coffee for their much-needed workday breaks.  It's no secret that coffee plays an important role in many people's […]

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It’s Ber months! Excited for the Holiday?

It's September! For many, this month may seem a little lackluster. Yet, there’s still a lot of things to look forward to this holiday season. People might not realize this, but with the coming of "Ber" months comes anticipation towards some great things happening later on in the year: Christmas gifts, reunions (hopefully), New Year's Eve, […]

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Caffeine Cure for Rainy Day Blues

Make the rainy day blues go away with a  perfect cup of coffee. There's just something about drinking coffee when it's raining that makes you feel cozy and content.  The aromatic smell alone can make you feel better and the warm cup in your hands is a welcome contrast to the cold downpour. The perfect […]

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How Exciting Summer At Home Can Be? Find Out Here.

Sun’s out and it’s time to have the best summer ever, even when you are stuck at home.  With the new protocols of staying at home, one can feel discouraged to enjoy the summer. However, with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can still add the summer flair that you always hoped for this […]

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The Best Ways to Utilize Work From Home Set Ups

Working from home can feel dragging with many distractions you can find in your household. The boundary of work and play may become confusing when you are at home all day. However, this challenge also provides an opportunity to experiment and better oneself. One way of doing so is by improving your work set-up, which […]

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How You Can Enjoy Coffee During The Holiday Season

Enjoy coffee as an essential part of our everyday lives. We drink it when we’re off to work, when we’re catching up with friends or when we need some time alone. Now that we are approaching the holiday season, we will have plenty of gatherings to go to and people to catch up with.  That […]

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Culture Blends Belgian Delight Coffee Pudding Recipe

Follow our easy instructions to bake a delicious coffee pudding using Culture Blends!

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Coffee Flavors: What You Need To Know About Popular Coffee Blends

Learn how your favorite coffee flavors are made. From growing to brewing, get to know how coffee is made according to your liking.

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5 Things To Do On Your Coffee Break To Boost Productivity

Turn your coffee breaks into more productive minutes with these tips. Try new things and new coffee blends like Culture Blends Coffee's three new flavors.

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