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Savor the Rich Flavors of Culture Blends’ French Style Salted Caramel Coffee

Introducing the newest member of the growing Culture Blends coffee selection - French Style Coffee in Salted Caramel flavor! This new instant coffee flavor combines the classic French coffee experience with a delicious hint of sweet, creamy, and salty flavors. This perfect balance of sweet and salty provides a coffee experience with a twist that […]

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Have a Merry Christmas From Culture Blends

Merry Christmas from Culture Blends! Nothing beats a warm and cozy drink during the cold Christmas days. So when you need a brief break from your holiday activities and wrapping last-minute gifts, a warm cup of Culture Blends coffee will stir your spirits.  Grabbing coffee during Christmas If you're like most city dwellers, you're probably […]

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Culture Blends and International Coffee Day 2022

At any time, anywhere, someone is enjoying their favorite part of the day by drinking coffee. Coffee is not just a staple drink consumed by millions. It's a culture and it brings us all together. Wherever you travel around the world, you’ll find an abundance of coffee lovers. International Coffee Day is a celebration to […]

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Introducing Culture Blends’ Roasted and Ground Coffee

The region of Latin America and Ethiopia are places that are legendary for their coffee. Both are known for producing high-quality coffee beans with a flavor unique only to their region. Normally, you would need to book a ticket to these countries or spend on exports to experience the coffee culture of these famed places […]

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Rainy Days are Fun Days Too

It’s raining and you’re stuck inside your house. There’s a wide variety of shows on TV and Netflix is just a click away but why should you spend this special day doing the same old boring things. Let us share what we would do with our time given the same situation. Hopefully, our recommendations and […]

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Coffee in Summer? Surprising reasons why coffee is great in Summer!

It’s summer! Beaches, resorts, suntan, water slides, and hot coffee?! While many of us enjoy coffee so much that we drink it every day regardless of the weather, it does seem illogical to drink a hot beverage when it's very hot outside. Or is it? In this article, we want to share three delicious ways […]

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Introducing Culture Blends’ Coffee in a Bag!

We know that for Filipinos, drinking coffee is as natural as wearing slippers or flashing our trademark friendly smile. For us, coffee is a lifestyle. To fulfill our mission to provide Filipinos with the best coffee experience and cultures around the world, we are introducing the latest addition to the Culture Blends family. Being true […]

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Christmas with Culture Blends Coffee

The Philippines has the world's longest yuletide season. September marks the beginning of the "Ber" months - September to December. This usually signals the start of city-wide celebrations, large family reunions, and packed to the roof concerts. But this year is a bit different. We may be seeing the light at the end of the […]

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It’s International Coffee Day! Let’s celebrate with a warm mug toast of Culture Blends coffee

Coffee is certainly one of the most widely enjoyed beverages in the world. If you’re an early riser, you most certainly need that hot cup of coffee to jumpstart your day. Busy professionals also gravitate to drinking coffee for their much-needed workday breaks.  It's no secret that coffee plays an important role in many people's […]

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It’s Ber months! Excited for the Holiday?

It's September! For many, this month may seem a little lackluster. Yet, there’s still a lot of things to look forward to this holiday season. People might not realize this, but with the coming of "Ber" months comes anticipation towards some great things happening later on in the year: Christmas gifts, reunions (hopefully), New Year's Eve, […]

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