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It’s International Coffee Day! Let’s celebrate with a warm mug toast of Culture Blends coffee

Coffee is certainly one of the most widely enjoyed beverages in the world. If you’re an early riser, you most certainly need that hot cup of coffee to jumpstart your day. Busy professionals also gravitate to drinking coffee for their much-needed workday breaks. 

It’s no secret that coffee plays an important role in many people’s lives. So this International Coffee Day – we’re excited to celebrate all things coffee!

You don’t need to fly off to the coffee-famous regions like the USA, Italy, or Belgium to experience and celebrate their unique brew.

Culture Blends brings the best coffee cultures around the world and packaged them for easy mixing and consumption. Our Italian Creamy White Coffee, American Blend 3-in-1 Latte, and Belgian Delight Choco Mocha stay true to the respective cultures that inspired them. Ready, sip, let’s go!

When was the First Coffee International Day?

International Coffee Day is celebrated every year on October 1. The celebration is meant to raise awareness about coffee and how it relates to different cultures. 

In 2015, the “International Coffee Organization” declared October 1st as International Coffee Day, a day to celebrate coffee as a beverage and also raise awareness about the plight of coffee growers. The first commemorative day was held in Milan, Italy – the world’s center for coffee.

So it makes perfect sense to celebrate this day with a warm mug of Culture Blends’ Italian Creamy White Coffee. It has that extra smooth, creamy, and velvety taste that brings a smile with every sip. This white coffee has that pinch of energy packaged in a sweet mix that’s great for breakfasts or afternoon breaks.

Let’s celebrate the real coffee heroes, the hardworking farmers

While coffee is a major part of our daily routine, maybe you’ve not considered the long road that the beans travel to find their way into your mug. There are different types of coffee beans from all over the world. The coffee beans that make up the brew you’re drinking now could have originated from Brazil, Vietnam, or maybe homegrown at Lipa, Batangas.

Anyone wishing to grow coffee must have a farm in a suitable climate. But, most important of all, they must be willing to undertake a long-term commitment to their land and its crops. There are an estimated 200 million people who grow coffee as a living. These hard-working folks get up before sunrise and work hard until sunset. 

Are you the same type of person who needs lots of energy and works tirelessly?

Then the American Blend 3-in-1 Latte is perfect for you. It has a well-balanced and delectable mix of coffee, cream, and sugar. This New York-style coffee gives you the energy you need and the taste you want. There’s no better way to start your day!

How to celebrate International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is an opportunity for people around the world to celebrate this delicious beverage that keeps us happy, alert, and awake. There are many ways to celebrate this exciting holiday in which coffee is the star! 

Some celebrate by donating coffee to a local charity or food pantries while some groups organize a coffee festival. Coffee shops usually have free samplers of new blends and restaurants offer free unlimited coffee to patrons.

If you’re at home and you like to celebrate with your special someone, then serve up Culture Blends’ Belgian Delight Choco Mocha. You can both indulge in the sweet taste of chocolate which exudes true European allure. This will surely give you a homely and intimate Coffee Day celebration.

Excited to drink more coffee?!

Oftentimes, it’s best to celebrate by drinking coffee while hanging out with friends and family. It’s a fantastic day to reflect on the wonderful ways that coffee benefits everybody and how it’s made such a positive impact on the world. Celebrate today and give a few cheers to all the hardworking farmers that lovingly farms our beloved coffee beans.