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The Philippines has the world's longest yuletide season. September marks the beginning of the "Ber" months - September to December. This usually signals the start of city-wide celebrations, large family reunions, and packed to the roof concerts. But this year is a bit different. We may be seeing the light at the end of the dark COVID tunnel but it’s still a ways off before we can throw away our masks and hug to our heart’s content.

But being Filipinos, that won’t stop us from celebrating Christmas the only way we know how -- by being happy, merry, and bright.

Christmas is a time for reunions

Pinoys are the masters of reunions because of the amount of physical and emotional effort we put into them. That’s why we look forward to Christmas all year. It’s the best time to reunite with family and welcome back “balikbayan” loved ones who are coming home for a vacation.  It's a chance for us to unwind and recollect memories. Organizing a reunion can be difficult at times, especially during the planning stages.

But it doesn't take much for us to enjoy Christmas fully. What we enjoy about Christmas reunions is meeting up with people we haven't seen in months, laughing over memories, and promising to see each other again next year.

Reminiscing old times is made even better while sipping a warm cup of good coffee. To cap of a hearty get-together meal, open a box of Culture Blends’ American Blend 3-in-1 Latte! With its strong New York-style flavor, even your balikbayan friends will commend your choice of coffee say that it’s like drinking coffee stateside.

Christmas is a time for tasty delicacies

Every Filipino celebration revolves around food. So a Christmas get-together party isn't a party unless there's food for everyone to eat. In the Philippines, enjoying Christmas meals entails sitting around the table, telling tales and recipes, singing carols, and catching up on one other's lives over a big dinner.

And of course, Christmas won’t be complete without the two famous holiday Pinoy delicacies - the sweet-tasting Puto Bumbong and the buttery Bibingka. Both can be appetizers or desserts, just be sure to have both as a Filipino Christmas feast is not complete without them.

To make the party extra special, serve up Culture Blends’ Italian Creamy White Coffee. The sugary smooth brew is a perfect complement to the season’s tasty Bibingka and Puto Bumbong! Dare we say, it’s a better combo than tea and biscuits!

Christmas is a time for giving

Christmas in the Philippines is a mash-up of Western and indigenous Filipino customs. Our kids believe (or maybe pretend to believe) in Santa Claus. We arranged Christmas trees, hang mistletoes with our parols, and we still send Christmas cards. All of these, however, have been modified to meet the essence and personality of the Filipino people. 

One of the most loved Filipino Christmas traditions is the Monito-Monita or exchanging of gifts. You know the drill, a group of friends or relatives pool their names together and everyone draws a name at random. Sometimes, you can put in a gift suggestion but often, we leave it to the gift-giver to surprise us.

If you’re like most people, you must be scrambling for a unique gift every Christmas, swiping through apps, or window shopping for hours. Instead of wracking your brain thinking of that awesome gift to give, why not send your loved ones a box of Culture Blends’ Belgian Delight Choco Mocha and make their holiday extra sweet. This chocolatey coffee blend will make for a sweet surprise to anyone lucky enough to be your “gift-baby”.

Culture Blend and Christmas, the perfect match

The cool climate and the festive feeling that December brings make it a season that everyone cherishes. Make it more memorable by keeping a fresh batch of Culture Blends Coffee for holiday visitors, reunions, and Noche Buena.

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