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Introducing Culture Blends’ Coffee in a Bag!

We know that for Filipinos, drinking coffee is as natural as wearing slippers or flashing our trademark friendly smile. For us, coffee is a lifestyle.

To fulfill our mission to provide Filipinos with the best coffee experience and cultures around the world, we are introducing the latest addition to the Culture Blends family.

Being true coffee lovers, we know that Filipinos aspire to have brewed coffee whenever and wherever they are. But this can be hard to do when you don’t have coffee machines and other fancy brewing equipment. Even when you do have the requisite tools, you’ll be hassled in terms of preparing and cleaning their machines after each brew.


The Culture Blends Coffee In A Bag is an easy-to-prepare instant brewed coffee in a steeped quick-serve package. Every Coffee Bag is pre-portioned with world-class coffee beans that are roasted, grounded, and packed for freshness plus with a balanced cream and sugar. Barista-level coffee, simplified! Just steep, SKIP THE BREW!

What’s so special about it?

It’s the easiest, simplest, and most cost-effective way to have brewed coffee. Imagine making high-quality brewed coffee without the need for any fancy equipment or special know-how. You just have to steep it in a pot or mug, wait, and watch (or smell) the magic happen.

Convenience. As small as individual sachets of instant coffee making them ideal to take on road trips, to the office, camping, or just stuffing them in your bag for those emergency caffeine shots. No need for coffee machines to have brewed coffee.

Strong Coffee Taste. Each Culture Blend coffee in a bag is packed with premium roasted coffee that’s grounded then packaged immediately to keep in the freshness. Giving you that deep, rich, and aromatic coffee taste only found in roasted and grounded beans.

No more mess. There’s a lot of clean-up involved when squeezing ground coffee the traditional way. Washing coffee makers and pressers after each use can put a little damper on your positive caffeine vibe.

Cost efficiency. You can use it more than once or even twice. That’s at least 2 cups per bag!

Culture Blends Coffee In A Bags look the same as tea bags and they basically work in just the same way. Having instant ground coffee in bags is an innovative and fuss-free way to make and enjoy quality coffee.

Black or White Coffee? We Have Them Both

To cover the two general groups of coffee drinkers, we have crafted two awesome flavors.

English Style Roast

2-in-1 Brewed Coffee In A Bag

An enticing 2-in-1 mix of instant brewed coffee and sugar in a bag. Influenced by the intense flavor of coffee that you will find along the cafes lining the streets of London.

You can now have a small piece of London whenever you want with our English Style Roast Coffee In A Bag. Steep your way to fresh, high-quality black coffee, just like how the English have it.

English Creamy

3-in-1 Brewed Coffee In A Bag

A creamy but strong 3-In-1 brewed coffee in a bag that’s not only delicious but has that intense aromatic scent of roasted coffee. This lovely blend of coffee, cream, and sugar is carefully prepared – and can be steeped to brew a perfect cup of English-style coffee.

Still have some questions before you dunk? 

Here are some answers to FAQs!

Is it easy to use or prepare?

It’s as easy to prepare as dunking a coffee bag into hot water. That’s it! No need for any coffee brewer or equipment.

What’s the difference between the usual 3-in-1 coffee and Coffee in a bag?

Basically, this is not instant coffee, this is BREWED coffee. The coffee used in 3-in-1 packs has granules manufactured to dissolve in water. Coffee bags use ground coffee which does not dissolve completely in water and must be filtered to extract the brew from the grounds.

Can I reuse a bag to make another cup?

Absolutely! We packed so much coffee in each bag that it’s more than enough to make 1 strong cup. After steeping, just pull out the coffee bag and keep it in a dry and clean place – ready to be dunked again for another brew.

Ready to dunk a bag?

We now give you the convenience of having a ready-to-brew and premium-tasting ground coffee in a bag. Stock up and bring it along anywhere so you have a premium coffee experience within reach anytime.

Aside from being a great time saver, it also saves you money from coffee deliveries and buying grounded coffee and brewers while still getting a superior coffee experience. 

Are you ready to dunk? Get your Culture Blends Coffee in a Bag and just steep. SKIP THE BREW!

Get them now at all 7-Eleven stores nationwide or buy them online from our stores in Lazada and Shopee.