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Coffee in Summer? Surprising reasons why coffee is great in Summer!

It’s summer! Beaches, resorts, suntan, water slides, and hot coffee?! While many of us enjoy coffee so much that we drink it every day regardless of the weather, it does seem illogical to drink a hot beverage when it’s very hot outside. Or is it?

In this article, we want to share three delicious ways to enjoy your summer coffee and the benefit that each brings. 

Summer mornings

One of the best ways to enjoy your coffee in the summer? Outside, of course.

Children will always see summer as a time for enjoyment – no more books, no more assignments, just the promise of vacations and late-night sleep.

For us, summer will always be a reminder of a slower and more relaxed pace of life. 

A time when we don’t worry about bills, taxes, and emergency savings. Well, we can’t go back in time so the best we can do is bring back that awesome, soul-enriching feeling. This summer, start your morning by sitting outside, maybe with your trusty dog by your side, sipping a sweet-smelling cup of English Style Roast 2-in-1 Brewed Coffee In A Bag.

The stillness of summer mornings is a perfect time to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. With a strong London-style flavored brew in your hands and the light rays of a summer morning in your face, life is suddenly perfect.

For some English-style steeped coffee, a cup of English Creamy 3-in-1 Brewed Coffee In A Bag would be divine during summer mornings. With a cup of truly brewed coffee in hand, you can water your garden, read a book, or simply reflect while enjoying a healthy dose of vitamin D. Spending only 5 minutes outside in the summer morning can jumpstart your entire day.

Cooling down this summer

If you’re sweating this summer, your first impulse might be to reach for a cool glass of cola or iced tea. Hold those ice cubes! What if we tell you that drinking coffee in the blistering heat of summer will also result in a relaxing cool feeling? 

Of course, a hot cup of coffee will not actually cool you down because it is scorching hot. The slow ritual of sitting and sipping coffee is where the magic happens.

The next time you’re in the middle of the day, sweating from the summer sun, whip out a pack of Culture Blends’ Italian Creamy White Coffee and make yourself a cool tub of relaxing coffee.

With your ice-cold Culture Blends brew in hand, you’ll find yourself starting to slow down and relax. After all, no one drinks coffee while jumping quickly from one place to another. The entire goal of having a coffee is to sit down, relax, and methodically sip your coffee. By enjoying the sweet flavor of your Italian Creamy White Coffee, you’ll find that by “forcing” yourself to “pump the breaks” you are actually telling your mind and body to slow down and cool off.

Stir up summer with some long-deserved vacay-time

Summer is a time for relaxing but it is also the season for all-out fun and adventure. With resorts and beaches opening up after a long hiatus, you and your loved ones will surely fill out your summer calendar with activities and vacations.

Now, if you’re like most people, you spent the last two years mostly at home working or studying. The sudden change in pace might sap your energy and leave you snoozing in the cabin while your friends and loved ones are playing Frisbee on the beach. 

When this happens, go grab a Culture Blends’ Belgian Delight Choco Mocha, mix in your favorite tumbler, then crack your ice trays. The icy sweet mocha and the energy-giving caffeine will give you the right amount of boost to swim, run, and just have fun.

The caffeine rush to get more things done

Another advantage of drinking coffee is the caffeine boost that it provides. But during the sweltering heat of summer, a hot brew may not be your cup of tea.

When you feel the need to jumpstart your summer morning, get a pack of Culture Blends’ American Blend 3-in-1 Latte and give yourself an aromatic energy boost. 

The misconception that drinking coffee will only dehydrate you more is just not true. A cup of coffee is still a cup of water that can hydrate you. So when sluggish, sleepy, and a bit parched – there’s no reason to drink a hot or cold cup of Culture Blends coffee to clear the cobwebs. 

When packing up for a vacation, be sure to bring a box of American Blend 3-in-1 Latte if you or your loved one needs an energy boost to perk up and maximize every summer moment.

Culture Blends and summer, still a perfect match

Summer days, and even nights, can get excruciatingly hot. But what’s a little sunshine and a boatload of sweat if you can have the time of your life. This summer, catch up with friends, go out with your family, and enjoy life as it’s supposed to be enjoyed. Being with the people you love and having a relaxing cup of Culture Blends coffee.

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