Rainy Days are Fun Days Too

It’s raining and you’re stuck inside your house. There’s a wide variety of shows on TV and Netflix is just a click away but why should you spend this special day doing the same old boring things. Let us share what we would do with our time given the same situation. Hopefully, our recommendations and Culture Blends coffee can help you pass the time more productively. 

Sound On and Volume Up

It’s a rainy afternoon and the splatter of raindrops seems endless. You let out a big yawn and if you're feeling down. Instead of relying on Netflix and YouTube to wipe away the doldrums, take this opportunity to double-down on relaxation and listen to music.

Lots of older music lovers grew up playing vinyl records but were quick to abandon them for the sleeker CDs and most have probably moved to digital music streaming platforms like Spotify. But a sizeable number of millennials who grew up with digital music are now the most fervent converts to the joys of vinyl. Whatever your choice of medium, music has been demonstrated to reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain, as well as increase sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

While the tunes are flowing, go to the pantry and prepare a hot cup of Culture Blends English Style Roast 2-in-1 Instant Brewed Coffee In A Bag to accompany that Jazz or Rhythm and Blues.

For an extra pop of excitement, you can opt for a cup of Culture Blends English Creamy 3-in-1 Instant  Brewed Coffee In A Bag. Either way, you get a flavorful steeped brew to accompany your spinning vinyl or streaming songs.

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Have you ignored your hobbies in your pursuit of life? When we’re young, we play sports, dance, collect trading cards, spend weeks studying Spanish, and watch croquet tutorials. However, somewhere along the way, we stopped trying out new things and devoted less time to our hobbies. It’s not too late! When it rains and you're stuck at home, try out that new activity or skill you've been thinking about.

You can pull out those still new carpentry tools that you bought months ago and start assembling your dream bookcase. How about circling back to those dancing lessons you paid for. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to grow orchids but can’t find the time to study how. 

To put you in the mood, pull out a pack of Culture Blends’ Italian Creamy White Coffee. This creamy and velvety taste can give you the inspiration to kick off those “training wheels” and start working on your craft.

With the aroma of true Italian coffee flooding your senses, don’t be surprised if you tap your inner chef and cook up some amazing Fettuccine Alfredo or Pork Braciola.

Time to catch up on your reading

When it rains, you’ll get that inkling to just curl up in bed with a nice book. Rain not only makes you want to read, but it also gives you a reason to do so without interruption. Reading is one of those hobbies that works best when you’re alone and focused. Perfect for rainy days!

Are you longing to finish that Stephen King or John Grishman novel that’s sitting on your shelf, here’s your chance! We know, we know - that’s a thick book and you feel that you’ll just leave yourself hanging when you can’t finish it. But that’s not the point. You should enjoy the feel of the book in your hands. Smell the pages and listen to the rustling of the paper as you turn them. Absorb yourself in the world created by the author.

To complete the experience, mix a cup of Culture Blends’ Belgian Delight Choco Mocha to keep your senses sharp and your mind focused. Hey, not every chapter of a book is a page-turner, this sweet and indulgent taste of chocolate should perk you up once you get to the slower part of the novel. 

Sometimes, it’s best to enjoy the rain in the comforts of your home

When the weather is getting from bad to worse, you should be thankful that you’re in the comfort of your home rather than being soggy in the streets. Your warm home is a blessing and being “stuck” at home is a great way to appreciate it.

Check out that new Netflix series or re-watch your favorite movie while sitting in your favorite chair. Heck, maybe start that major house cleaning that you’ve been planning for weeks. Or grab your tools and fix those loose cabinet boards. By counting your blessings, you’ll get a new perspective on life and you’ll view your home with an entirely new set of eyes.

And speaking of blessings, drinking a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day is a small slice of heaven. The few minutes in between sips can give you that short reprieve from the stress of work and life challenges. For these divine moments, you can’t go wrong with Culture Blends’ American Blend 3-in-1 Latte. This delectable coffee mix has a perfect balance of coffee, cream, and sugar that will give you a boost of energy to accomplish all your tasks.

Culture Blends, your perfect rain buddy

We’re accustomed to thinking that the rainy season is a dull part of the year. After all, we all used to sing “Rain Rain Go Away”, right? But, as we mature and learn to appreciate each and every day. So when the raindrops come, smile, have a relaxing cup of Culture Blends Coffee, and be the sunshine for your loved ones. 

The next time it rains and you’re stuck at home, don’t despair. There are plenty of things to do that will keep you entertained and cozy. And if you need a little help getting started, Culture Blends Coffee is always here to brighten your day (and your mug). 

So go ahead and order online via our Lazada and Shopee official stores and we’ll deliver right to your door. Alternatively, you can also get them from leading supermarkets nationwide.

Stay dry and enjoy a delicious cup of Culture Blends Coffee today.

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