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Introducing Culture Blends’ Roasted and Ground Coffee

The region of Latin America and Ethiopia are places that are legendary for their coffee. Both are known for producing high-quality coffee beans with a flavor unique only to their region.

Normally, you would need to book a ticket to these countries or spend on exports to experience the coffee culture of these famed places

True to our promise to bring the world’s best coffee culture to the Philippines, we are introducing two amazing ways to experience coffee.

Introducing Culture Blends’ Roasted and Ground Coffee in Latin and Ethiopia blends

Each bag contains 250 grams of freshly roasted and grounded coffee beans bagged and sealed immediately to preserve the aroma and flavor.

These are perfect for coffee lovers who own a coffee maker, a coffee drip, or a French press and want to craft their own brew from scratch. We can’t blame you, the aroma that spreads through the house in the few minutes that you are filtering and brewing will undoubtedly lift your spirits up.

Ethiopia Blend

Made from Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. According to a legend, a goat herder named Kaldi observed that when his goats ate a certain “fruit”, it gave them a zap of energy. Curious, Kaldi decided to take some of the “fruits” to some nearby monks who might be able to tell him why they were making his goats so lively. 

When the monks saw the cherries, they flung them into a fire, afraid they contained some terrible sorcery. When they started to burn, the aroma was so appealing that the monks decided to remove them from the fire, grind them up, and mix the grounded beans with hot water. The rest is history.

High heights and hilly terrain provide ideal growing conditions. Because coffee trees grow organically in Ethiopia, the majority of coffees are grown in the shade, amid other plants, and without the use of agricultural chemicals.

What is the significance of shading? Coffee is a shade-loving plant that produces larger, more delicious beans than sun-grown coffee.

Medium-light roasted to elevate the sweet citrus fruits elements and floral aroma. Round-bodied and soft for a relaxing smooth taste. 

Latin Blend

Made from Arabica coffee beans grown in abundance from the tall mountains of South America. The high altitude of the coffee farms and the humid weather in South America is a perfect combination for growing coffee. Latin countries like Brazil, Columbia, and Peru form the “Bean Belt”, the best region for growing coffee.  

Though coffee did not originate in South America, it has swiftly become one of the region’s most widely cultivated plants. South America has been the world’s leading region for coffee production due to a mix of great geography, ideal topography, and favorable weather conditions.

Also, the continent boasts of the best climatic conditions for cultivating coffee beans because of a combination of high mountains and humid rainforests.

The beans are medium roasted to bring out the bittersweet and nutty taste of Latin coffee beans. It has a full-bodied and thick coffee taste that takes you to the shores of South America.

We’re bringing you the best coffee culture in the world so you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to enjoy it.

As promised, we will circle the globe, find the best coffee in the world, and deliver it straight to your home to enjoy the colorful coffee culture of different nations.

You can now have a small piece of London whenever you want with our English Style 2-in-1 Roast Coffee In A Bag.

Get some European love with our English Creamy 3-In-1 brewed coffee in a bag.

Italian Creamy, American Blend, and Belgian Delight are amazing 3-in-1 instant coffee that transports you to 3 fascinating regions known for their refined coffee culture.

With the new addition to the Culture Blend Family, we delve into the past with our Roasted and Ground Ethiopia Blend and visit one of the focal points of global coffee production with Roasted and Ground Latin Blend.

Where will we take you next? Sit back, enjoy a cup of Culture Blends coffee, and leave the navigation to us. 

Meanwhile, you can get them now at supermarkets nationwide or buy them online from our stores in Lazada and Shopee.