Culture Blends and International Coffee Day 2022

At any time, anywhere, someone is enjoying their favorite part of the day by drinking coffee. Coffee is not just a staple drink consumed by millions. It's a culture and it brings us all together.

Wherever you travel around the world, you’ll find an abundance of coffee lovers.

International Coffee Day is a celebration to honor the men and women who grow and harvest the coffee we love. To celebrate the journey of coffee from the farm to our coffee mugs.

From the mountains of South America to the busy streets of London, every coffee experience is unique and every coffee culture is worth exploring.

Culture Blends invites you to celebrate International Coffee Day by taking a journey across the diverse world of coffee. Choose from a wide variety of coffee selections whether it’s Instant 3-in-1 Coffee,  Coffee-in-a- Bag, or Roasted and Ground Coffee. 

Let’s celebrate amazing coffee cultures around the world

Let’s start with Italy, where coffee is a social fixture and why the country is widely referred to as coffee’s spiritual home. After all, Italy gave birth to popular coffee lingos like espresso, cappuccino, and latte.

You can instantly get a warm mug of Italian Blend coffee right at home or office. Culture Blends’ Italian Creamy White Coffee has that extra smooth, creamy, and velvety taste. This white coffee has that pinch of energy packaged in a sweet mix that’s great for breakfasts or afternoon breaks. Every pack is bundled with Italian coffee culture, giving you the same warm and welcoming experience Italians feel every time they drink coffee

Americans revolutionized coffee by making it mainstream and giving us specialty shops. With the fast-paced life of hard-working Americans, they needed quality coffee fast. If you have the same requirement, then the American Blend 3-in-1 Latte is perfect for you. It has a well-balanced and delectable mix of coffee, cream, and sugar. This New York-style coffee gives you the energy you need, has the taste you want, and the flexibility to make it anywhere, anytime.

In Belgium., the coffee experience extends to gourmet restaurants where Belgian Coffee elevates the flavors of dishes and desserts. Coffee isn’t something Belgians simply use to boost energy; it’s part of a larger food experience. 

With Culture Blends’ Belgian Delight Choco Mocha, you can both indulge in the sweet taste of chocolate which exudes true European allure. This will surely give you a homely and intimate Coffee Day celebration while having a hearty lunch or dinner with loved ones at home.

Pack your bags! We are taking you on a trip

In Britain, the coffee culture was rooted in camaraderie and socialization. Coffee shops are the go-to places for Britons to socialize, spread news, and share new ideas. Much like tea-time, coffee time for the English is a time to spend enriching one’s knowledge. 

You can now have that British coffee experience right at your home or office with Culture Blends Coffee In A Bag. This easy-to-prepare instant brewed coffee comes in a steeped quick-serve package. Every Coffee Bag is pre-portioned with world-class coffee beans that are roasted, grounded, and packed for freshness with a balanced cream and sugar. 

The English Style Roast 2-in-1 Brewed Coffee In A Bag is an enticing 2-in-1 mix of instant brewed coffee and sugar in a bag. Influenced by the intense flavor of coffee that you will find along the cafes lining the streets of London.

The English Creamy 3-in-1 Brewed Coffee In A Bag is a creamy but strong 3-In-1 brewed coffee in a bag that’s not only delicious but has that intense aromatic scent of roasted coffee. This lovely blend of coffee, cream, and sugar is carefully prepared - and can be steeped to brew a perfect cup of English-style coffee.

You can now have a small piece of London whenever you want with our English Style Roast Coffee In A Bag. Steep your way to fresh, high-quality black coffee, just like how the English have it.

This International Coffee Day, let’s honor these two awesome coffee regions

Today, South or Latin America is the world's top producer of coffee. You can be sure that South America has a thriving coffee culture given the abundance of the beverage. For South Americans, coffee consumption is a tradition because of the social component and dynamic energy it provides.

To get an authentic feel of the region’s coffee culture, you should try Culture Blend’s Roasted and Ground Latin Blend. It is made from Arabica coffee beans grown in the fertile lands of South America. It is medium roasted to bring out the bittersweet and nutty taste of Latin coffee beans. The full-bodied and thick coffee taste is perfect for those intimate moments where every sip is savored.

In Ethiopia, coffee is an integral part of their culture. They regularly gather with relatives, neighbors, or other guests and engage in a formal coffee ceremony. Offering coffee is a gesture of respect and friendship to Ethiopians and at each gathering, you can expect to drink at least 3 cups of brewed coffee

You can get a feel of this coffee culture with our Roasted and Ground Ethiopian Blend. It is made from Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. It is medium-light roasted to elevate the sweet citrus fruits elements and floral aroma. Enjoy the round-bodied and soft for a relaxing smooth taste while bonding with friends and family.

You don’t need a passport to enjoy different coffee cultures

This International Coffee Day, do show some love back to the beverage that has given us so much joy. 
Ready to make a tour around the coffee culture world? You can get your preferred Culture Blend coffee  available in all major supermarkets/convenience stores nationwide or buy them online from our stores in Lazada and Shopee.

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