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Have a Merry Christmas From Culture Blends

Merry Christmas from Culture Blends! Nothing beats a warm and cozy drink during the cold Christmas days. So when you need a brief break from your holiday activities and wrapping last-minute gifts, a warm cup of Culture Blends coffee will stir your spirits. 

Grabbing coffee during Christmas

If you’re like most city dwellers, you’re probably always on the go. And if you’re busy most of the year, you must be even busier during the holidays. As a result, instead of feeling joyful, you may experience increased stress as the holiday approaches. Here’s some advice: slow down and enjoy the season.

Rather than rushing out of bed at the first ring of your alarm and checking your emails and messages, try moving more slowly. Stretch and take in the sensation of being alive!

Then get up, go to your pantry, prepare a warm cup of Culture Blends Roasted and Ground coffee, and savor the goodness

And when you are outdoors, it’s difficult to order coffee when everyone is cramming to buy gifts and malls are filling up again. 

Those long lines at the cafes and even longer queues at the takeout counters can really dampen your Christmas spirits.

Before the Christmas rush, stock up on Culture Blends Roasted and Ground coffee and have a merrier holiday without worrying about where to get quality coffee during the holidays.

It’s ok to be alone

We universally know Christmas as a family holiday with days crammed with reunions and meetups. But, sometimes, for some people – this is not always the case.

Some who work in BPOs need to go to the office even on holidays. Some, like emergency responders and frontliners, must be on duty.

Here’s a tip from Culture Blends coffee. Enjoy your solitude and alone time. If spending Christmas alone is unavoidable, just treat yourself and make it a memorable day. 

Purchase something for yourself online, prepare your favorite foods, binge-watch movies, or our personal favorite – sit in a cozy corner and drink a warm cup of delicious Culture Blends coffee. 

You probably believe you are the most lonely person on the planet, but here’s the thing. You aren’t the only one who is alone on Christmas. The truth is, many people spend their vacations alone. Some people have demanding work schedules that make travel difficult, while others can’t afford expensive round-trip tickets, and still, others simply prefer to spend Christmas alone.

For those long hours of work and alone time, Culture Blends coffee can be your best holiday buddy!  Just take a few sachets of Culture Blends 3-in-1 ready-mix coffee and you’ll get a shot of happiness even when you’re feeling lonely during the holidays.

Make Culture Blends Coffee a new Christmas tradition

Family Christmas traditions are very important, and Culture Blends coffee strongly believes in them. Family traditions bring us closer together; they give our loved ones a sense of belonging.

They create memories that last a lifetime. They give us something to look forward to and they can help shape our family and relative relationships. Non-family members who take part in the tradition can also feel a sense of belonging.

Now, to give you an idea of what Christmas traditions are, let’s cite a few popular ones. 

For most Americans, eggnog is a big part of the Christmas season.

For most Europeans, mulled wine is a constant part of Christmas gatherings.

And Filipino families usually go to church early in the morning, then eat holiday treats like Bibingka and Puto Bumbong.

All of these old traditions are passed down from one generation to another. How about making a brand new tradition? How about making Culture Blends coffee your new Christmas tradition – a merrier drink that goes well with intimate moments between loved ones?

Filipinos love to eat, and for many, a warm mug of Culture Blend’s Steeped Coffee is the perfect way to cap off a night of hearty eating. 

Plus, it goes well with Bibingka and Puto Bumbong! 

Looking for a memorable Christmas gift? We got you!

Christmas is a time for joy, relaxation, and gift-giving.

However, selecting gifts can be a stressful experience! If you’re still not convinced, try going through your Christmas list and assigning a gift to each person; it’s difficult, right?

To make things easier for you, consider these two goals when giving someone a gift.

The first goal is to make the recipient happy.

The second goal is to strengthen the bond between the giver and the recipient. 

We accomplish these goals by giving a thoughtful and memorable gift that shows we truly know the recipient. Typically, this means identifying what someone wants without directly asking.

Since you’re a coffee lover, it’s safe to say that your friends and loved ones are coffee lovers too.

So we prepared an exceptional Culture Blends Coffee gift bundle that is a surefire keeper!

Each bundle includes all our best-selling coffee products, ensuring that your gift stands out. 

Excited to make Culture Blends Coffee a part of your Christmas?

Don’t wait for the Christmas rush to order your Culture Blends Coffee. You can get your preferred Culture Blend coffee right now and stock up for the holidays. Culture Blends 3-in-1 coffee mixes, Roasted and Ground, and Coffee in a Bag are available in all major supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, or buy them online from our stores in Lazada and Shopee.