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Culture Blends Coffee: Find the Best Blend for your Lifestyle

Coffee is an important part of every Filipino’s daily routine. Whether it’s for breakfast or an afternoon break, coffee makes our lives a whole lot sweeter. 

Culture Blends Coffee, a newcomer in the Philippine coffee scene, understands this need. That’s why we created different coffee flavors that are sure to satisfy every Filipino’s coffee cravings. 

But did you know that there’s the best coffee blend for your personality? 

For years, psychologists have seen personal traits that are consistent with a person’s choice of coffee, and here’s what they found out. 

Different Coffee Flavors and All-time Favorites 

Black Coffee 

Black coffee drinkers are said to be no-nonsense minimalists.  

Researchers from the University of Innsbruck in Austria also found out that people who love bitter food also have the tendency to have darker personality traits.

You like to keep things simple, and are more health-conscious than others. You know all the health benefits of coffee and appreciate its taste without all the added calories.  

Black coffee helps enhance brain functions. It also helps boost memory power and activates the nerves. 

This helps lessen the chances of cognitive problems such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Drinking black coffee also improves your physical performance. 

Coffee increases the levels of epinephrine in the blood. 

Adrenaline helps the body prepare for intense physical exertion and readies it to break down stored body fat. 


Espresso drinkers are said to be travelers and natural-born leaders. 

You’re a Type A personality who works hard and plays hard. You are intense and straightforward and always gets the job done. 

Friendly and quick to adapt, espresso drinkers are hardworking and takes no shortcuts when getting the results they want. 

Classic espresso lovers are practical and dynamic people. All they need is one shot and they’re ready to start the day. 

Double espresso lovers are enthusiastic and upbeat. And a double shot can keep them on the run. 

People who love double espresso usually have strong values and a firm vision of the world. Their optimism doesn’t hinder their reality, and they always try to make things better for all. 


You’re an adventurous soul if you love cappuccino.

Sociable, creative and a trendsetter, you are an extrovert who loves to meet people and get yourself out there. 

You are also a perfectionist who tends to worry about the smallest detail. 

Cappuccino drinkers have the tendency to be obsessive. You also tend to grow bored easily. 

Being a social butterfly, you love talking with people and hosting social gatherings. 


Frappuccino lovers have impeccable fashion sense.

Stylish and sensible, you stay above the trends and wear clothes before they become fashionable. 

You are also fast-paced and impulsive at times. But that’s what makes having you around so much fun.  

People who love frappucinos have a thirst for adventure and are not afraid of trying new things. 

You also tend to be the more sensitive types. Like cappuccino lovers, you have the tendency to expect perfection. 

Most of the time, you sweat over the smallest details. This trait might also make you complacent at times. 

Despite that, people still love having you around because of your super fun personality. 


You are calm and conscientious and enjoy quiet moments.

You probably like sitting down in parks and just chilling while thinking about the mysteries of life. 

You are also a crowd-pleaser and enjoy meeting new people all the time. 

You’re also a straight shooter and may prefer to view things in black and white. Because of this, people go to you for fair judgment. 

People find that you are reliable, quiet, and a bit moody. You may be a bit too serious but dependable, and you always get the job done. 


Latte drinkers prefer to create smaller circles. 

You are more reserved and like more intimate settings rather than socializing with other groups. When making decisions, you prefer to make safe choices instead. 

You like things to come easy, and you can also be indecisive at the most critical moments. 

You prefer to be a team player instead of a leader. And you prefer to keep things light and within the norm. 

A natural people pleaser, those who know you love for you to be around. 

Flat White 

If you’re a flat white coffee drinker, you’re probably the least to wonder what your coffee choice says about your personality. 

Flat white drinkers also love minimalism and prefer to keep things simple. 

You are also a purist who loves to keep things predictable. That’s why routines are your best friend. 

You love hanging out with family and friends and appreciate the quiet life you’re living.

3-IN-1 Coffee 

3-in-1 coffee drinkers are hard workers and ambitious. 

They are cheerful, optimistic and laid back. They can also be secretive to the point that they don’t want other people learning about the hidden depths of their personality. 

Sure, you can brew a great cup of coffee, but you’re too busy working on your dreams to care. 

The downside is, you might have the tendency to procrastinate. 

Culture Coffee Blends: different coffee flavors to suit your discriminating taste 

Culture Coffee Blends understand the Filipino’s need for new tastes and adventure. That’s why we’ve crafted the best coffee blend to satisfy your discriminating palate. 

Our 3-in-1 coffee blends let you taste the best coffee blends in the world right at the comforts of your home. 

Craving for creamy white coffee? Go for our Italian Creamy blend. 

Experience smooth, creamy coffee with just the right blend of sweetness and bitterness.

Do you want the bold taste of coffee to start your day with an energy boost? Culture Blends American Blend is the perfect fit for you. 

Taste the nutty flavors of coffee for that much-needed caffeine shot every morning. 

Want a taste of chocolate in your coffee? Try our Belgian Delight. 

This is perfect for coffee drinkers who prefer sweetness with a hint of chocolatey goodness. 

Have it hot and steamy in the morning with your favorite pan de sal. 

Or ice cold during a hot summer day with Filipino snack favorites like biko, bibingka, or turon

Taste the difference today! 

Get Culture Blends Coffee at your nearest convenience stores and select supermarkets now.