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How You Can Enjoy Coffee During The Holiday Season

Enjoy coffee as an essential part of our everyday lives.

We drink it when we’re off to work, when we’re catching up with friends or when we need some time alone.

Now that we are approaching the holiday season, we will have plenty of gatherings to go to and people to catch up with. 

That said, Culture Blends Coffee just released a NEW pack that includes 30 sachets inside. Imagine the amount of coffee you can share and enjoy with, hassle-free.

Since this is 3-in-1 coffee, all you have to do is add hot water, stir and enjoy.  Or after stirring well, you can pour your coffee over ice for a warm afternoon.

There are 3 flavors to choose from: Italian Creamy White, American Latte Blend, and Belgian Choco Mocha. All variants that is being developed especially for Filipino millenials.

The American Blend is perfect for a quick pick me up. It has a perfect balanced of coffee, cream and sugar.

Indulge in our Belgian Delight with a smooth coffee and twist of chocolate. Just like a special version of Filipino “tsokolate”. 

Satisfy your coffee craving with our Italian Blend in all its creamy goodness. Prepare this and share it with your family.

Since Culture Blends Coffee now comes in 30 sachets in each pack. This gives you more coffee goodness to share with your family, friends, and loved ones. 

This is a perfect gift for the holidays too! What is more enjoyable than being able to share great coffee with others too.

Culture Bends Coffee is available in leading supermarkets and other convenience stores. You may avail this as well via Lazada and Shopee official store. 

The holiday season is all about sharing and giving while drinking a great cup of coffee. So go on and pick your favorite blend today! 

What’s your favorite holiday blend? Share it with us below.